Ross County Sheriff's Office Telephone Directory


 To make sure your calls get answered by the appropriate staff, Sheriff Lavender is pleased to introduce a new telephone auto attendant. Please see the info below.
As always if this is an emergency hang up and dial 911 Below are the options and a list of our phone extensions.

 If you know your parties extension number, enter it now.

 For Dispatch press 2
For Records press 3
For Concealed Handgun license press 4
For Sheriffs Sales press 5
For Detectives press 6
For the Road Captain press 7
For the Jail press 8
For Sheriff Lavender press 9
For all other calls press 0 or stay on the line. This will ring to Dispatch.

We have also added a direct number for Concealed Handgun License appointments and information: 740-779-1931.

 Phone Extension Directory

Adair, Max                             Detective Sgt  165
Addy, Joey                             Detective Sgt 169
Brooks, JR                             IT & Records 167
Brooks, Martin                       Detective Sgt 149
Claypool, Kevin                     Lt., IT, 911 Records & Dispatch 127
Crosier,  Heather                   Sgt. Training & Standards 173
Detty, Glenn                           Jail Administrator 126
Dick, John                              Jail Case Manger 118
Hamman, Thomas                  Evidence 155
Gannon, Jason                       Detective Sgt 171
Hall, Vicki                             Concealed Handgun License 164
Hollis, Thomas                      Chief Deputy 119
Large, Matthew                     Lt.,  Assistant Jail Administrator 174
Lavender, George                  Sheriff 112
Layne, Jennifer                      Sheriffs Sales, Records 117
McKeever, Dennis                Captain Road Patrol 113
Mougey, Andrea                   Civil, Payroll 124
Murray, Josh                         Records 168
Pierce, Kevin                         Lt. Road Patrol 156
Pinkerton, Tracy                    Dare 131
Preston, Michael                   Staff Captain, Detectives, PIO 116
Ray, Cheryl                           Lt. Colonel, Civil 123
Rulman, Amanda                  Records, Papers and Civil Process 122
Schmidt, Emily                     Administrative Assistant to Sheriff 157
Scholl, Pam                          Civil, Jail Commissary 103
Weber, Dave                        Crime Prevention, Community Programs 163
Wheaton, Tony                     Detective Sgt 172