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During Sheriff Lavender's tenure there have been multiple improvements to the operation of The Ross County Sheriff's Office.  The changes were made, using only existing tax dollars, to maintain and improve the levels of service provided to the citizens of Ross County. 

         Improvements in the Road Patrol Division include better planning of capital purchases by instituting the purchase of five (5) new cruisers per year, assuring both reliable response and the avoidance of unexpected spending peaks.  There was investment in upgraded radio communications including better radios, towers and repeaters which results in better response to all areas of Ross County.  Rotating assignments have been instituted in the investigative unit, which provides a training opportunity that better equips first responders in the Road Patrol staff to handle your calls for service.  Recently the Sheriff's Office has introduced "Body Cams" to the deputies. These are portable camera systems that the deputy wears on their lapel to capture the incident as it is happening.  Please Click HERE to see a sample video of what is captured

       Using a widely accepted business model, the Corrections Division has obtained cleaning, laundry, and inmate supply services on a bid basis from an assortment of vendors, thereby reducing overall costs.  Contracts have been established with professional providers of medical and food services that not only reduce cost and liability, but that also provide the level of service mandated by the Federal Government and the State of Ohio.  The implementation of a computerized commissary ordering system has enabled us to refocus on security.   In an attempt to reduce recidivism, the division has implemented behavioral modification and educational programming for offenders. A video system for use by the Courts, additional security cameras, and remote video medical services for offenders reduce the risk of escape thus improving the security and safety of the community.  In addition, the Sheriff's Office now utilizes electronic messaging centers in the lobby of the Law Enforcement Complex and the inmate visitation area to direct citizens to their desired locations.  

       The Civil Division, which is the labor force responsible for pay role, accounts receivable, sheriff sales, subpoenas, summons, CCWs, inmate accounts and more.  The Sheriff's Office has invested in updated computer equipment that enables the Civil Division to operate more efficiently.  In addition to more traditional approaches, those employees are now able to access Internet applications looking for criminal records for prospective employees and professional licensure applications.  The same technology allows them to monitor Conceal Carry licenses.

      There is an ongoing beautification project to make the outside of the Law Complex more attractive as an important downtown structure.  This effort was made possible by local donations of both time and money.  To give back to the community, a county work program has been implemented, where offenders pay their debt to society by working for your villages, cities and townships. The most recent addition to that program is the Adena Historic Mansion.  These programs exemplify the partnership between law enforcement and the community.

        Other improvements that are being considered are internet visitation and electronic bonding.  To  read more about these innovations please click on the buttons to the right.

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