Since 1798  there have been forty-five (45) people who have held the Office of Ross County Sheriff.  The individuals who have held this distinguished office are: 

Jeremiah McLain (Oct.) 1798-1807       

Daniel Shepard (Jan.)  1807-1809

William Creighton (Jan.)  1809-1812

James McClintick (Jan.)  1812-1814

Thomas Steele (Jan.)  1814-1819

 Josephus Collett (died) 1819-1819

James Clifford (Aug.)  1819-1825 

 John Tarlton (Jan.)  1825-1829    

Charles Martin (Jan.)  1829-1833   

John Tarlton (Jan.) 1833-1837    

 Charles Martin (Jan.)1837-1841   

James McClintick (Jan.) 1841-1845

Charles Martin (Jan.)  1845-1849

William K. McMillan (Jan.)  1849-1853

John R. Anderson (Jan.)  1853-1857


Thomas Ghormley (Jan.)  1857-1861

Edward Adams (Jan.)  1861-1865     

D.S. Dunnuch (Jan.)  1865-1867

C. McDonald (Jan.) 1867-1869           

 S. Mace (Jan.)  1869-1873               

 Felix B. Mace (Jan) 1873-1877       

Thos. S. Mackey (Jan.)  1877-1881 

W.L. Tulley (Jan.)  1881-1885                  

 W.S. Clark (Jan.)  1885-1889               

J.R. Wisehart (Jan.)  1889-1891           

H. Blacker (Jan.)  1891-1895           

Hugh W. Warner (Jan.)  1895-1897  

A.T. Swepston (Jan.)  1897-1901

James A. Devine (Jan.)  1901-1905

Latta Morrison (Jan.)  1905-1909


 J. Henry Swope (Jan.)  1909-1911

William H. Stoker (Jan.)  1911-1915

Alonzo T. Swepston (Jan.)  1915-1919

Alfred D. Immell (Jan.)  1919-1929

Charles Fox (Jan.)  1929-1931

T. Ewing Arganbright (died) 1931-1933

R. E. Oliver (March) 1933-1933

Joseph Vincent 1933-1941

O. A. Maughmer   1941-1945

Samuel B. Marks (died) 1945-1956

Fred J. Heinzelman 1956-1977

Thomas L. Hamman 1977-1993

William B. Knott (died) 1993-1996

Ronald L. Nichols 1996-2008


George W. Lavender Jr. 2009- Present 


Ohio Sheriff and Deputies Patches

Above patches in service from **** to 1996

Above patches are in service from 1996 to present


Historical Photographs by decade.

1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's

Former Deputy Sheriff's of Ross County

Citizens, if you have any past family or friends  that had worked for the Sheriff's Office, we would like to here from you.  We would like to gather historical photographs of past Deputies, or, Sheriff's memorabilia so that we can photograph it and place it on this site. You may contact Chief Deputy  T.J. Hollis at 740-773-1187 with your information.  

View some of the historical artifacts and photographs of past jail facilities. 

Ross County Jail Pre-World War II Ross County Jail Post Korean War Era


Recently added to the Sheriff's Office is this artifact. This  walking cane was used by one of the two sheriffs in 1915.  Sheriff William H. Stoker or Sheriff Alonzo T. Swepston, there are no records of which Sheriff used the cane.


Below are some photographs of the basement of the old jail that at one time was used as a Territorial Prison

The pipes and lighting were added over the years when the building was modernized and the jail moved upstairs  but the walls, doors and windows have remained the same over more than 200 years

Below are some photographs of the jail pre-1988 before the jail was built on its current location. Most of the bars and all of the jail furniture have been removed. The old jail is now home to the Ross County Achieves.