Ross County Sheriff's Office, Ohio - 
Sheriff George W. Lavender, Jr.


  Jail C.R.T.
Corrections Response Team

The C.R.T. team  was commissioned in the summer of 2009 and is comprised of thirteen corrections staff volunteers who at a moments notice, respond to incidents and threats in the jail. The team is responsible for security and cleanliness of the jail. When there is a threat of contraband smuggling or reports of an inmate attempting an escape, the team is dispatched. The team has been specially trained in cell  inspections and searches, and uses specialized tools to conduct the operation. Some of the tools used are a wireless "snake camera" to view inside inaccessible areas like vents and toilets. Also a "stun" shield is used for cell extractions.  Below are photographs of contraband that was confiscated from the jail as well as some security threats.

This photo was taken of a exercise rope that the inmate used to do lifting and curling.


This photo was taken when an inmate made cigarettes from smuggled tobacco and toilet paper wrappings, the pencil lead and the toilet paper was used for a lighter.

An Inmate was attempting to create a hiding place for contraband or was trying to break the window free from his/her cell

The inmate was trying to create a hiding place for contraband where the wall meets the ceiling of the cell.


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